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Hi.....My name is Christie!


My name is Christie Gibson, and I have an amazing husband and 4 incredible boys.  I live in American Fork, UT, but to be honest, I love traveling all over the state….as well as the nation.  I have had over 15 years of photography experience.  Well.  Probably more than that.  See….like most other photographers, I started out with a full time job, and then did photography on the side.  I literally did this for longer than I want to admit.  But finally, I found that there just wasn’t enough room in my life for a full time job, photography, and my family.  So I quit my stable full time job in place of the unpredictable world of photography.  Scariest, and yet BEST decision of my life.  Not only do I now get to be home with my family more, but I also get to focus more on what I love to do.  Photography!!

I like to describe myself as weird.  And my family as weird.  But we own it!  I encourage weirdness!  I connect with weird.   So be aware….I am not going to be this picture perfect cookie cutter person.  I am my own unique self…with quirks, and imperfections.  But this plays well with my photography and art.  I don’t like to limit my ideas and creativity to fit within a box or certain standards.  I don’t like to duplicate.  I like to do something original…different.  I like to be sporadic.  Figure things out on the spot.  Yes, I will make plans for a shoot, and work it all out…but I won’t know what photos are possible until I get there, and see the unique mix of lighting + environment + subject(s) and THAT is when I can come up with something beautiful!!

My photoshoots will include plenty of direction.  Whether it be direction to do certain tasks as I shoot…or if it is a specific pose I am looking for.  I will often tell you what smile/angle/facial expression is my favorite.  Sometimes I will make minor tweaks, such as “close your eyes” or “lower your chin.”  So if you are worried about what to do when in front of a camera.  Don’t worry!  I will make sure you feel comfortable.  And yes, this goes for the guys as well.  I know some of you guys don’t like getting your photo taken.  Beware…..you may have a change of opinion after shooting with me.  You might actually find that it can be fun.  🙂

My shooting preference is a more artistic approach.  I prefer something that has emotion.  Or motion.  Or both.  I love natural smiles, but I also love serious faces.  I love eye contact with the camera, but also, a closed eye.  Yes, I will get a few “prom pose” photos….usually for those who prefer a more traditional take on photography….but most of the photoshoot will include me bouncing or running around, while changing my lenses every couple of minutes.  I’m not afraid to get down in the mud or snow, wade in the water, or shoot in a rainstorm.  I will do whatever it takes to get what I think is going to be amazing.

One more thing about me….is my hair.  Plan on the color/style being different.  It’s currently a “peach sorbet” color (above)….but in a few months, it might be something completely different.  See below for some of my more recent colors.  To see my current color, just friend me on Facebook!  🙂

I hope I get to work with you.  If you have any questions at all, just let me know.  Call or text 385-312-0159 or email me at beyondthedarkroom@gmail.com.